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Fetch dependencies


This project includes the file 'composer.lock'. The purpose of the 'composer.lock' file is to lock the version of the various packages needed by a project as this one. By using the included lock file you are sure to use the same version of those packages as were used during the design.

Fetch all dependencies using Composer by issuing one of the following commands depending on which environment you are trying to configure:

For a development environment use:

composer install

For a production environment use:

composer install --no-dev

NOTE 1: To bypass the lock on package versions run the command composer update.

NOTE 2: On a production server, prior to running the composer install command, you will want to deploy a copy of your file composer.lock from your development server, to guarantee that the exact version of the various packages that you have developed and tested gets installed. Never run the composer update command on a production server.

NOTE 3: If the composer command fails with a memory allocation error, see the Troubleshooting section.


Fetch all dependencies for Node.js using npm by using the following command:

npm install

NOTE 4: If the npm install command fails or hangs, check the tip on Node.js in the Troubleshooting section.