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Features overview

Laravel LTS

Based on Laravel LTS, the framework taking Web development by storm! The long time support (LTS) version offers stability and a predictable support timeline.


Authentication and authorization provided out of the box. Support role and user based fine grained permission assignments.

LDAP & MSAD integration

Integration with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD) centrally managed directory services.

Dynamic menus and crumb-trail

Dynamic and security aware menus system and crumb-trails. Menu editor included for easy customization.

Audit log

Comprehensive and flexible audit log of all actions performed by users provides additional security and compliance with accountability and tracking mandates.


Modular design to easily customise and expand the feature set to fit any particular need as well as share with and leverage a growing community of modules developers.


Fully themeable. Includes 3 themes based on AdminLTE.

Much more...

There is much more included, keep reading for more details.